💡 240,000+ Tech Jobs Lost

Plus: Microsoft Temporarily Blocks ChatGPT

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  • 💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

  • 🚨 𝟚 AI Updates: Tech job layoffs & Microsoft blocks ChatGPT

  • 💻 𝟙 Practical Use of AI: Hyper realistic

💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

AI beginners guide: Simple beginners guide into AI

Custom GPTs: List of over 100 CustomGPTs

FlowGPT: Marketplace for ChatGPT prompts

Innovative technologies are revolutionizing business as we know it, and they’re more accessible than ever. But to truly harness the transformative potential of AI, you need to know how and when to use it. And which pitfalls to avoid.

The six-week Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy online short course from MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory explores AI’s business applications and challenges. 

Choose this program to:

  • Optimize your business: Leverage AI, ML, and robotics to drive efficiencies, improve productivity, and support your growth.

  • Develop a strategic roadmap: Apply your knowledge to effectively integrate AI into your business.

  • Gain a dual perspective: Benefit from a course designed by two prestigious schools — the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT CSAIL.

  • Conveniently build career-critical skills: Follow a program that fits your schedule and benefit from 24/7 support and various payment options.

🚨 Breaking AI News 🚨

Source: Tech Crunch

Big Takeaway: Tech layoffs in 2023 have already exceeded 2022's total by over 50%, with over 240,000 jobs lost so far this year.

  • Mass cuts occurred earlier this year at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and others.

  • Layoffs slowed over the summer but are ramping up again going into year-end.

  • Tech layoffs in November are impacting companies like Twitter, Meta, Salesforce, and many startups.

How do you feel about job security with the AI boom? And why?

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Source: Wired

Big Takeaway: Last week, Microsoft temporarily blocked employee access to ChatGPT over security concerns.

  • The restriction came the same day OpenAI announced a DDoS attack causing outages.

  • Microsoft called “ChatGPT a third-party risk” for privacy and security in an internal note. Despite investing $10 billion in OpenAI and becoming majority owner, it sounds like friendly fire to me 🤔

  • But Microsoft then called the blockage an “error” during a test of AI control systems. But Microsoft still encourages the use of its own Bing Chat Enterprise for more security.

🔎Extra Insights🔍

🪜 Step-by-step guide to build your own GPT

With OpenAI launching custom GPTs last week, hundreds have already been built. Here is a step-by-step guide to building your own. (Full article here)

🧠 AI that reads brain scans

Researchers are using AI to analyze brain scans and genomes to uncover Alzheimer's disease links. One algorithm highlights important structural brain features, which could reveal new biomarkers. (Full article here)

🧩 Google's Troll-Detecting Software Now Accessible to Developers

Google's Jigsaw unit released Perspective API, an online toxicity detection tool using machine learning. It rates comment toxicity by analyzing millions of comments and getting human feedback. (Full article here)

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Dall E-3 Prompt: Hyper-realistic

Creating AI images is fun, use this prompt to create realistic animals to trick your friends.

🔏 Copy and paste the prompt below
documentary, a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photograph of a hippo, cinematic, photorealistic, UltraHD, close-up, natural lighting, in its habitat --ar 16:9 --stylize 250 --weird 25 --style raw
Here’s the results ⬇️

💼 Who’s hiring in AI

  • OpenAI AI research and deployment company dedicated to ensuring that general-purpose AI benefits all of humanity. (84 job listings)

  • Rewind provides a personalized AI that remembers what you’ve seen. 8 job listings

  • Character AI is an AI research company focused on custom character chatbots. 17 job listings

  • Hugging Face largest open-sourced AI community. 12 job listings

  • Anthropic is an AI safety and research company. 45 job listings

  • Perplexity is an AI research company that focuses on search engines. 4 job listings

  • Replit is a company that provides online IDE software for developers. 20 job listings

  • C3 AI provides enterprise AI applications that meet business-critical needs. 100+ job listings

  • Runway is an applied AI research company focusing on art. 13 job listings

🔮 AI Inspiration

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