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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Adobe just launched a native “Chat with PDF” spoiler alert. It’s really good.

The Breakdown

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🚨 Latest Developments 

Source: Adobe

Big Takeaway: Adobe introduces "AI Assistant in Acrobat," a generative AI tool designed to provide easier access to information in long documents for Acrobat users.

  • This new beta feature functions as a conversational engine, able to summarise papers, answer queries, and make content-based recommendations, allowing users to interact with documents in a conversational format.

  • The AI Assistant is particularly skilled at handling large amounts of text, perfect for student research or reducing lengthy reports into brief summaries.

  • Adobe also announced CAVA, a new 50-person AI research team. The team will focus on the future of AI video creation, developing new AI models and procedures.

Source: history.com

Big Takeaway: The House of Representatives has established a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence to ensure the U.S. maintains leadership in AI.

  • The task force, which has California Representatives Ted Lieu and Jay Obernolte as its co-chairs, aims to address the rapidly developing field of AI.

  • The task force's goal is to create a comprehensive report on regulatory standards and actions needed for consumer protection and to encourage investment and innovation in AI.

  • This task force comes amid broader discussions and actions on AI by other larger entities, including the White House and the EU, which begs the question: Is this task force necessary?

Do we need more or less AI regulation? And why?

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🔎 Extra Insights 

The French AI startup Bioptimus, which emerged from the biotech unicorn Owkin, just raised $35 million in a seed round to focus on making biology-specific generative AI models. They want to use Owkin's unique multimodal patient dataset to train models that can help with disease diagnosis, precision medicine, and biomolecule discovery.

Google has introduced Magika, an open-source AI tool that can accurately identify file types to help security teams detect malware and other threats. Magika outperforms traditional methods, providing a 30% accuracy boost in identifying problematic files like JavaScript.

Microsoft announced it will invest $2.1 billion over the next two years to expand its artificial intelligence capabilities and cloud infrastructure in Spain. This comes right after Microsoft revealed a similar $3.45 billion AI investment in Germany over the next two years.

💻 Real Life Use Cases

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Copy and paste the prompt below:
You are GPT-4, OpenAI's advanced language model.
Today, your job is to generate prompts for GPT-4. Can you generate the best prompts on productivity using many frameworks, best concepts, best use-cases, and psychology.

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Here’s a link to the results:

💼 Who’s Hiring in AI

Job Title


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Technical Recruiter

Sanctuary AI



Visual Designer




User Operations Generalist




🎲 AI Game

Which Picture is AI Generated?

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Credit: DeepView

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