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AI learns language from scratch just by watching videos 📺

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MIT researchers developed DenseAV, an algorithm that learns language by watching videos, associating audio with visual cues without any prior language knowledge. It can identify and differentiate sounds and words by examining which pixels correspond to which sounds, potentially aiding in understanding animal communication and enhancing machine learning.


  • DenseAV Algorithm:

    • Learns language by matching audio with video.

    • Trained on 2 million YouTube videos.

    • Differentiates between words and sounds.

  • Applications:

    • Understanding human and animal communication.

    • Learning from vast amounts of video content.

  • Methodology:

    • Uses contrastive learning, no labeled examples needed.

    • Outperforms previous models in linking sounds to images.

What we think

DenseAV represents a significant breakthrough in unsupervised learning, highlighting the potential for AI to understand complex communication patterns. By leveraging massive amounts of audiovisual data, this approach can transform how machines learn languages. The potential to apply this technology to both human and animal communications could open new frontiers in linguistics and AI.


Microsoft has discontinued its Copilot GPT Builder after just three months. The tool, designed to allow users to create custom GPTs with specific functionalities, faced usability challenges and limited adoption. Despite its potential, the decision to pull the plug reflects the complexities and rapid changes in the AI development landscape.

Samsung has hired an Apple veteran who played a key role in designing Siri, aiming to enhance its in-house AI capabilities. This strategic move is expected to significantly boost Samsung's efforts in developing advanced AI technologies and competing more effectively in the AI space.

Elon Musk has decided to drop the lawsuit against OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The lawsuit, which lasted three months, involved Musk's concerns over OpenAI's direction and its shift towards a for-profit model. The resolution likely comes from negotiations and internal discussions, leading Musk to retract the legal action.


A recent leak of Google's Search API revealed over 14,000 ranking factors, including the importance of clicks, domain authority, and mentions. This information can significantly impact SEO strategies, highlighting the need for quality content, user engagement, and backlinks. The leak also raises privacy concerns due to the extensive data Google collects.

Claude is more than just a middle-of-the-road, sycophantic AI that agrees with the user. Claude's personality and character have been specifically designed using a character variant of Constitutional AI. This post goes in-depth on how post-training is used to steer the type of output often generated by Claude to represent this desired character.

Databricks has acquired Tabular, uniting key contributors to Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake to focus on data format compatibility for its lakehouse architecture. The goal is to achieve a single open standard for data interoperability to prevent data silos, starting with Delta Lake UniForm's compatibility solution.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. WaxWing

    Shape the future of your marketing with adaptive strategies and role-based KPI alignment, making every plan a roadmap to success.

  2. Pietra Studio

    Free AI text-to-image tool to create and make the best custom t-shirts

  3. Press Ranger

    Press Ranger is an AI-powered media database that makes finding and pitching journalists painless.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Seven AI

    Seven AI raises a $36M Seed — AI-powered cybersecurity software

  2. Anterior

    Anterior raises a $20M Series A — AI copilot for clinicians

  3. Alexi

    Alexi raises a $11M Series A — AI assistant to create legal memos


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