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Hey Edge Family, good morning! The World Economic Forum hosts some of the most influential leaders in the world and they all had one thing in common. They couldn’t stop talking about AI!

The Breakdown

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AI brews beer and your big ideas

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🚨Latest Developments

Source: Bloomberg

Big Takeaway: At this year’s World Economic Forum, it’s no surprise the main topic was AI. With notable leaders and executives like Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, and Mustafa Suleyman discussing AI’s impacts. (View speakers here)

  • OpenAI revealed it is working with the Pentagon on cybersecurity projects after removing the ban on military ChatGPT use.

  • Altman said climate-friendly power is critical for training large models; future AI depends on energy innovation.

  • Nadella urged a global regulatory approach to AI technology but feels broad consensus is emerging on guardrails.

  • Sam Altman also said OpenAI is accelerating its work to address election disinformation risks with new tools to identify AI-generated images.

Source: CBS

Big Takeaway: Yesterday, Samsung announced Google's Gemini Pro and Nano models would be coming to new Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphone.

  • The Galaxy S24 retails for $799.99
    The Galaxy S24 Plus retails for $999.99
    The Galaxy S24 Ultra retails for $1,299.99

  • It integrates Google's AI, Gemini Pro, in its Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard apps for advanced summarization and task management.

  • Samsung aims to reclaim its status as the top phone seller with its AI-focused Galaxy launch, after losing for the first time ever to Apple.

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🔎Extra Insights

🖥️ Amazon Launches AI-powered Image Generator to Fire TV

Amazon has added AI image generation capabilities to newer Fire TV devices in the U.S. Users can now speak prompts to Alexa through their remotes to create art using Amazon's Titan model. The feature allows customizing styles and saving images as TV backgrounds. (Full article here)

🌎 Sam Altman Says AGI Won’t Completely Change the World

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says AI will not drastically change society as may are predicting. Altman believes artificial general intelligence that can equal human intellect will be a useful instrument rather than a destructive force. (Full article here)

🔬FDA approves AI tool for skin cancer detection

The FDA has authorized DermaSensor's AI-powered handheld device for non-invasive detection of the three most frequent kinds of skin cancer. The device employs an AI system to assess skin lesions and advises physicians on whether additional study is required. (Full article here)

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