💡 Amazon's new AI

Plus: Google AI search now in 125 countries

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Amazon is now entering the AI race who would have thought?!

The Breakdown:

  • 💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

  • 🚨 𝟚 AI Updates: Amazon’s AI & Google AI search

  • 💻 𝟙 Practical Use of AI: Close Ups

💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

10web: Build out a website in minutes with AI

RunwayML: Industry leader in AI video software

Slayer: A tool to create personalized audio stories, podcasts, and meditations. (In beta)

🚨 Breaking AI News 🚨

Source: Wired

Big Takeaway: Amazon is developing a new AI model codenamed Olympus to challenge ChatGPT, Google's Bard, and Claude 2.

  • Olympus is reportedly twice the size of OpenAI's GPT-4 at two trillion parameters.

  • Amazon is investing heavily in AI, including $4 billion in Anthropic and new Alexa capabilities.

  • Olympus aims to enhance Amazon's online store and Alexa smart speakers with advanced conversational AI.

Will you use Olympus? It will most likely be trained on your purchasing habits.

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Source: Search Engine Journal

Big Takeaway: Google is rolling out its AI-powered search experience globally after launching in select markets.

  • The Search Generative Experience (SGE) is now available in over 120 countries and 4 new languages. (Sign up here)

  • SGE features conversational interactions and full-sentence answers instead of just links, including follow-up questions on results pages.

  • The global expansion brings Google's AI search to compete with Bing and OpenAI worldwide.

🔎Extra Insights🔍

 📉 ChatGPT suffers major outage

ChatGPT was down from 8:42 a.m. to 10:16 a.m. EST today, suffering their 1st MAJOR outage in over 5 months leaving all 100 million users unable to access ChatGPT. (Official OpenAI Status page here)

🌊 Sam Altman says To expect more service instability

OpenAI’s new features from DevDay are being used more than they anticipated so OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says “there will likely be service instability in the short term due to load. sorry :/” (Tweet here)

🦾 Github launching AI coding assistant in December

GitHub is launching its AI coding assistant Copilot Chat for everyone in December as part of Copilot subscriptions. The natural language programming tool will be free for teachers, students, and open source maintainers. (Full article here)

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Dall E-3 Prompt: Close Up

Use this Dall E-3 prompt to AI generate close ups! (Credit)

🔏 Copy and paste the prompt below
a closeup candid street photo of a young man walking down a sidewalk, mixed media photography, 8k resolution, photo taken with provia, wabi-sabi, photo-realistic hyperbole, emotional sensitivity, high resolution --no water --style 3a49S5WdZXw 
Here’s the results ⬇️

💼 Who’s hiring in AI

* 1 new job listing

  • *OpenAI AI research and deployment company dedicated to ensuring that general-purpose AI benefits all of humanity. (84 job listings)

  • Rewind provides a personalized AI that remembers what you’ve seen. 8 job listings

  • Character AI is an AI research company focused on custom character chatbots. 17 job listings

  • Hugging Face largest open-sourced AI community. 12 job listings

  • Anthropic is an AI safety and research company. 45 job listings

  • Perplexity is an AI research company that focuses on search engines. 4 job listings

  • Replit is a company that provides online IDE software for developers. 20 job listings

  • C3 AI provides enterprise AI applications that meet business-critical needs. 100+ job listings

  • Runway is an applied AI research company focusing on art. 13 job listings

🔮 AI Inspiration

Which Picture is AI genereated?

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