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Apple AI browser 🌎, Tesla fires Supercharger team ⚡Yelp's new AI assistant 🤖

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Apple is testing a version of its Safari web browser that includes an AI-powered tool called Intelligent Search. Intelligent Search leverages Apple's on-device AI technology to identify topics and key phrases within a web page to create summaries. The exact implementation of the feature is still unknown. The new Safari will also have a feature called Web Eraser that will allow users to remove specific portions of web pages. Apple is working on a powerful visual search feature that will allow users to obtain information on consumer products when browsing through images, scheduled for integration sometime in 2025.

Tesla is laying off its director of EV charging Rebecca Tinucci, the head of new vehicle development Daniel Ho, as well as the teams that operated under the two executives. These layoffs are part of a larger effort by CEO Elon Musk to reduce costs and headcount within the company. Tesla plans to continue building out some new Supercharger locations and finish those currently under construction. Musk is also dissolving the company's public policy team in this latest cull.

The OpenAI-powered Yelp Assistant can find providers in your area and write a service request for jobs like home upgrades and event planning.


Fresherslive.com had an AI-generated article explaining how to resolve a PS5 error code. Despite it reading poorly, readers were likely grateful for the clear instructions - nobody enjoys gaming sessions interrupted by console issues. However, in a baffling move, Google completely deindexed that site from their search results without warning in March. Unfortunately, in their attempts to rectify the situation, the website owners deleted all the pages that were older than a couple of days, so it’s now impossible to provide a source link.

Meta-prompting is a technique that turns a single language model into a multi-skilled team. This method breaks down complex tasks into simpler parts, handled by specialized instances of the same model, leading to significantly improved performance across various tasks.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Beam

    The platform helps you automate manual workflows with AI agents to boost productivity and let you and your team focus on the work that matters most.

  2. WitChat

    Enhance your conversational power with next-gen tools, experience unparalleled customer service.

  3. Ohai

    Interact with beloved characters in engaging narratives.


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Binance founder Changpeng Zhao has been sentenced to four months in prison for failing to establish adequate anti-money laundering protections on the crypto exchange.

Apple's iPadOS is now classified as a gatekeeper under the EU's DMA, meaning it will soon be subject to the same regulations as the iPhone.

TikTok is presenting some of its users with a link to its website to purchase coins used for tipping digital creators.


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Check out who’s hiring

  1. AWS Backend Engineer


    💵 $150K - $190K

    📍 USA

  2. Technology specialist data & AI

    🏢 Microsoft

    💵 $100K - $250K

    📍 USA

  3. Senior Product Manager

    🏢 Valon Mortgage

    💵 $220K

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