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Apple and Meta begin talks on AI deal 🍎

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  • Apple and Meta begin talks on AI deal

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Apple and Meta are discussing integrating Meta’s generative AI into Apple's AI system for iPhones. Apple is also considering partnerships with other AI companies, such as Anthropic and Perplexity, to enhance its AI capabilities. The collaborations aim to expand AI product distribution and include selling premium subscriptions through Apple’s platforms.


  • Apple and Meta in talks for integrating Meta’s AI with Apple's AI system.

  • Apple also in discussions with AI startups Anthropic and Perplexity.

  • Potential partnerships aim to expand AI product distribution via Apple.

  • Discussions include premium subscription sales for AI services on Apple devices.

  • Apple emphasizes privacy in its AI strategy to differentiate from competitors.

What we think

Apple's potential AI partnerships with Meta and other companies signify a strategic move to bolster its AI capabilities and expand its market influence. These collaborations could enhance the functionality and appeal of Apple’s devices, driving innovation while maintaining a strong stance on user privacy. If successful, these partnerships could reshape the AI landscape and set new standards for AI integration in consumer technology.


A new AI tool developed by researchers at the University of Oxford can predict the risk of a heart attack up to 10 years in advance by analyzing cardiac CT scans. This technology identifies inflammation in arteries that standard scans often miss, which could transform patient care by enabling early interventions and preventing thousands of heart attacks annually. Currently being evaluated for use across the NHS, the AI tool has shown promising results in trials, influencing treatment plans for nearly half of the patients involved.

Several AI companies are bypassing established web standards to scrape content from publisher websites without obtaining proper licenses, raising legal and ethical concerns. This practice often contravenes the terms of use agreements of these websites, leading to potential legal disputes similar to high-profile cases like LinkedIn vs. hiQ Labs. While web scraping is largely unregulated, it is subject to various legal frameworks such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), which targets unauthorized access to website data, and contract law, which can enforce terms of use agreements that prohibit scraping.

TikTok has introduced AI Symphony, a new feature that generates digital avatars and backgrounds using artificial intelligence. This innovation aims to enhance user engagement by allowing personalized and creative video content. The company also plans to implement stricter moderation policies to address potential misuse and ensure a safer platform environment​.


The article from Plain English provides a comprehensive guide on scraping Facebook profile data using JavaScript and Puppeteer. It covers the challenges posed by Facebook's anti-scraping mechanisms, such as CAPTCHAs and rate limits, and offers solutions like using reliable proxies and Bright Data's Scraping Browser. The guide also highlights practical applications of scraped data in research, business, and human resources, and includes a step-by-step coding example.

Code reflection in Java allows developers to access and manipulate symbolic representations of Java code called code models. Code models are structured as trees, with nodes representing elements like operations, bodies, and blocks. They are stored in Static Single Assignment (SSA) form. Code models are used for things like generating derived code and optimizing existing code.

The writer critiques the way executives latch onto trends like AI without grasping their complexities, often promoting them just for show. This disdain is humorously expressed through threats of "piledriving" anyone who insists on preparing for yet another chatbot, highlighting the exasperation with tech culture's empty promises and lack of meaningful engagement with AI technologies​.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. BannerGPT

    An AI tool that generates banner images for blog posts.

  2. Boords

    A storyboard generator that allows users to create professional storyboards without the need for drawing skills.

  3. Rask

    An AI-powered tool that provides automated voiceover, captions, and translation services for videos.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Valar Labs

    Valar Labs raises a $22M Series A — AI-powered cancer diagnosis.

  2. WindBorne Systems

    WindBorne raises a $15M Round — AI model for weather forecasting.

  3. Ethon

    EthonAI raises a $16.5M Series A — AI models to optimize manufacturing.


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