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  • Apple building AI-servers 🖥️, Elon's new plan for AI news 📰, Microsoft's new AI model 🤖

Apple building AI-servers 🖥️, Elon's new plan for AI news 📰, Microsoft's new AI model 🤖

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Foxconn is reportedly assembling Apple AI servers that contain the M2 Ultra. It is planning to assemble AI servers powered by the M4 chip in late 2025. While Apple is prioritizing on-device processing for many of its upcoming AI tools, some operations will inevitably have to occur in the cloud. The company is expected to announce on-device AI features at WWDC in June. 2025's iPhone 17 models will apparently be more focused AI devices.

Elon Musk plans to enhance X's AI, Grok, to merge live news with social media commentary to provide updates and citations in real time. Grok will generate news summaries from user discussions on X, focusing on engagement and accuracy. The project faces challenges with proper citation and legal concerns.


Mouse clicks, scrolls, and movements leave a data trail that reveals user behavior. Machine learning can analyze this data to predict what users will do next or who they are. This can be used to personalize experiences and improve security, but factors like the type of mouse can affect accuracy.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown during a Wall Street bull run, and Nvidia’s status as the king of the ongoing generative AI boom means that the stock can be especially vulnerable to the prospect of weakening investor appetite.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Bluedot

    First AI Note taker backed by Google that records your meetings without bots joining the call.

  2. Fight IQ

    AI training for combat sports.

  3. Automateed

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Microsoft's new large-scale AI language model, MAI-1, could potentially rival state-of-the-art models from Google, Anthropic, and OpenAI.

Here are four intriguing newcomers you can use to free up some valuable time.

Quora's Poe (short for Platform for Open Exploration) lets users ask questions of and talk to a variety of chatbots, lets developers build their own bots, and offers a bot monetization program and marketplace.


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Check out who’s hiring

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

    🏢 FullStack Labs

    💵 $70K - $150K

    📍 Latin America

  2. NLP Engineer

    🏢 Capital

    💵 $150K - $200K

    📍 NY, USA

  3. Data Product Manager

    🏢 Trainline

    💵 $145K - $220K

    📍 UK


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