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Apple cutting deal with Google AI? 👀

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Apple is rumored to integrate Google's Gemini chatbot into iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia this fall. Apple Intelligence, currently using OpenAI's ChatGPT, will allow users to choose from multiple chatbot options. The integration will enhance Apple's on-device AI capabilities, offering a broader range of responses and functionality.


  • Integration Announcement: Apple may announce the integration of Google's Gemini chatbot this fall.

  • Apple Intelligence: Uses both on-device and online models to handle various tasks.

  • ChatGPT Integration: Currently integrates OpenAI's ChatGPT for additional support.

  • Future Plans: Apple aims to support multiple chatbots, giving users more options.

  • Privacy Considerations: Apple rejected Meta’s chatbot over privacy concerns.

  • Availability: Apple Intelligence will be part of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

What we think

Apple's move to integrate Google's Gemini chatbot alongside OpenAI's ChatGPT demonstrates its commitment to enhancing user experience through diverse AI capabilities. This strategy not only provides users with more choices but also strengthens Apple's competitive edge in the AI space. Privacy concerns remain a critical factor in Apple's decisions, ensuring user data security while expanding functionalities.


Altrove leverages AI models and lab automation to accelerate the creation of new materials. Their platform integrates machine learning with automated laboratory processes to optimize material properties and discovery speed. This innovative approach aims to revolutionize materials science by significantly reducing development time and costs.

Mustafa Suleyman, CEO of Microsoft AI, praised OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman and discussed the collaborative yet independent relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI in a recent interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Suleyman emphasized the need for a dialogue around AI safety and regulation rather than perceiving the development of AI as a race. He also expressed interest in AI cooperation with China and the potential role of AI as a teaching aid in classrooms.

Tech companies like Google and Meta are updating their privacy policies to use public and possibly private user data to train AI systems as they navigate a complex landscape of privacy laws and user consent. Backlashes have occurred as users and creators are fearful about the use of their content in training AI that could potentially replace them. The tensions highlight emerging challenges in AI development, data privacy rights, and the balance between innovation and ethics in the tech industry.


Figma AI is a new suite of AI-powered tools for Figma that helps designers with tasks such as visual search, asset search, text editing, image editing, prototyping, layer renaming, and design generation. These features are powered by third-party AI models and are free to use during the beta period.

This repository introduces a new type of Transformer with a dramatically reduced KV cache size. It hasn't been proven at scale, but it can - in theory - match regular Transformer performance.

What if we actually could replace Git? Jujutsu might give us a real shot. Jujutsu is a new version control system that is on track to replace Google's existing version control systems. It has an interesting approach to its design choices in terms of both implementation details and user interface. Jujutsu can be used with existing Git repositories. This article introduces the system and walks readers through how to use it.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Max AI

    Work with an AI partner that helps you research faster, write better, and understand more.

  2. Reclaim

    An AI-powered smart calendar app that optimizes everyone’s schedules for better productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance.

  3. Pygma

    A personal AI social media manager that can perform all functions in an easy-to-use dialogue format.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Formation Bio

    Formation Bio raises a $372M Series D — AI-powered drug development.

  2. Ario

    Ario raises a $16M Seed — AI assistant for parents.

  3. Fetcherr

    Fetcherr raises a $90M Series B — Pricing engine for airlines.


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