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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Apple refuses to be left behind in the AI race; they just released a new AI model. Let’s see what’s new.

The Breakdown

💎 3 Top AI Tools

Cleanvoice AI: Removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from your audio recording

Glock Apps: All email deliverability tools in one place

Photoroom: Create stunning product and portrait pictures with your phone

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🚨 Latest Developments 

Source: Apple Insider

Big Takeaway: Apple has released an AI-based image editing model called "MGIE" (MLLM-Guided Image Editing) that responds to natural language instructions for image editing.

  • MGIE employs “MLLMs” (Multimodal Large Language Models), which incorporate text, photos, and videos to understand and generate human-like language.

  • MGIE can interpret precise editing commands such as “increase the saturation of the sky region by 20%.” Which sets it apart from other image models.

  • The model is available as an open-source project on GitHub and Hugging Face.

Source: Tech Crunch

Big Takeaway: Microsoft's Copilot is receiving upgrades coinciding with a Super Bowl LVIII ad campaign.

  • Microsoft Designer received the largest update as it now has new in-line editing capabilities such as colorizing, blurring backgrounds, or changing image styles. (See example)

  • Subscribers to Copilot Provide $20/month, get new updates like resizing images and changing orientations between portrait and landscape modes.

  • Yesterday was Bing Chat’s one year anniversary and there have been over 5 billion chats and images using Copilot/Bing in the past year.

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🔎 Extra Insights 

OpenAI will add watermarks from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to images created by their AI image generation model, DALL-E 3. This will allow people to verify the original origins of an image to help combat misinformation and deepfakes.

Apple is developing prototypes for folding iPhones and iPads, according to a new report, though mass production plans remain unclear. The folding iPhone concept folds horizontally like a Galaxy Z Flip, but engineers have struggled with durability.

Simplify is an early-stage startup using AI to try and improve the tedious job application process by combining questionnaires, job scraping, matching, auto-filling applications, and helping answer text questions into the ultimate AI-powered job application tool.

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: AIDA Copywriting framework

Use the AIDA copywriting framework to grow your copywriting skills on social media.

Copy and paste the prompt below:
How can I use the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model effectively in my copywriting for (insert product or service) to guide the reader through a persuasive journey? 
Here’s a link to the results:

💼 Who’s Hiring in AI

Job Title


Salary Range


Generative AI Architect




Sales Executive

Symphony AI



Senior Manager Revenue Systems




🎲 AI Game

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Credit: DeepView AI

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