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  • Apple's deal with OpenAI 🍎, Cofounder left OpenAI 🤖, Google redesigns search 🔍

Apple's deal with OpenAI 🍎, Cofounder left OpenAI 🤖, Google redesigns search 🔍

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Investor-ready Startup Financials

Keeping up with your startup’s numbers can be a mess, especially as investors start requesting them.

  • How to forecast startup growth based on real-world data

  • Budgeting rounds of funding, and how long the capital should last

  • Defining + tracking your Core KPIs

  • Preparing an investor-proof startup proforma

Our alumni have gone out to raise over $300M in venture capital.



Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported over the weekend that Apple and OpenAI are “finalizing terms” for a partnership that would see OpenAI’s tech integrated into iOS 18. Apple has reportedly held similar talks with Google regarding its Gemini tech; these discussions remain ongoing.

Replacing Sutskever is Jakub Pachocki, OpenAI’s director of research. Pachocki joined in 2017 as a research lead on OpenAI’s Dota team — the team that built an AI system capable of defeating human players at Valve’s Dota 2 strategy game. Pachocki then became research lead at OpenAI’s reasoning and science of deep learning orgs before being promoted to principal of research.


Google introduced upgraded versions of its Gemini AI model, including a public preview of Gemini 1.5 Pro with a 2 million token context window at I/O 2024. For Android developers, the company highlighted Gemini Nano, an on-device AI model for faster local processing. Flutter and Dart also received updates, with Flutter now supporting compilation to WebAssembly and Dart introducing the initial stages of macros.

Most generative AI projects fail to reach production or deliver significant revenue. Successful GenAI projects prioritize understanding business problems before selecting tools, recognize GenAI is part of a larger tech stack, keep humans involved to guide AI, and rely on trustworthy, traceable data for the best results.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Macky

    Macky provides high-level consulting and streamlines complex queries into valuable, actionable insights all by answering a simple question.

  2. The Storyteller

    Step into the future of digital narratives with our revolutionary app! Harnessing the prowess of advanced AI technology, we weave tales tailored just for you, in real-time.

  3. BrainBlend

    The ultimate tool for effortlessly creating captivating and unique product descriptions.


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See what’s happening

Billions of Google users will soon see AI-generated summaries at the top of many of their search results.

Needle in a Needlestack (NIAN) is a new benchmark that was created to test how well LLMs process information in their context window - GPT-4o has significantly outperformed other models in this test.

This post looks at factors that allow one to make reasonable quality predictions about any given piece of software.


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  1. Software Engineer

    🏢 ParaMark

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    📍 CA, USA

  2. Team Lead - Machine Learning Engineer

    🏢 InstaDeep

    💵 $250K

    📍 Tunisia

  3. Senior Product Designer

    🏢 Trainline

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