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💡 Apple's Worst Ever Q1 Start

Plus: Google and MIT Introduce SynCLR

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! I hope you had a restful weekend! My spring semester in university starts today. Good luck to all my fellow students!

The Breakdown

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🚨Latest Developments

Source: Deviant Art

Big Takeaway: Apple’s stock was down 0.4% on Friday for the 5th straight day of losses, which marks the worst start to a year in Apple’s history.

  • The drop follows the New York Times Report that the Justice Department is moving closer to an antitrust case against Apple.

  • This adds to Apple’s mounting challenges, like dwindling iPhone sales and patent disputes over the Apple Watch.

  • Apple's value is down $155B+ in one week but it's still the world's most valuable company at $2.83T but Microsoft closing in at $2.73T.

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Source: Seeklogo

Big Takeaway: Google Research and MIT CSAIL study using synthetic data from generative models for visual representation instead of expensive curated datasets.

  • SynCLR takes advantage of model controls like latent variables, conditioning variables, and hyperparameters to create synthetic data.

  • SynCLR models can generate unlimited, varied samples, which are much cheaper and easier to store and share than raw data.

  • The proposed 3-stage system is: synthesize a large number of image captions; generate 600 million synthetic images and captions; train representations with contrastive learning.

  • What this means: SynCLR has developed a system that can match or exceed state-of-the-art methods across a range of benchmark tasks. Showing the promise of this type of self-supervised learning at a much cheaper cost.

🔎Extra Insights

🔋 Semiconductor industry highest ever growth thanks to AI

The semiconductor industry had its best year since 2009, with the Philadelphia Stock Exchange Semiconductor Index surging 65% in 2023. The crucial role chipmakers like Nvidia played in advancing AI capabilities was a major contributor to this growth. (Full article here)

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Judges in England and Wales given approval to use AI in writing legal opinions

Due to possible disinformation, the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary in England has permitted judges' use of AI for opinion writing with caution, but not for legal research or analysis. (Full article here)

💸 AI-powered search engine Perplexity AI series B funding round

Perplexity raised $73.6 million in Series B funding led by IVP with participation from existing and new investors, including NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos, and others. Perplexity has grown to 10 million monthly active users in just one year since launch. (Full article here)

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: Customer Lifetime value

Use this ChatGPT prompt to help you make business decisions that will impact customer lifetime value.

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Assess [my business decision] by considering Customer Lifetime Value. Analyze the long-term value of customers to understand how acquisition, retention, and monetization strategies align. 
Here’s a link to the results ⬇️

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