💡 The Beatles Final Song

Plus: Multi-Nation AI Alliance

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Today will go down in history as the day AI finally finished The Beatles Last Song.

The Breakdown:

  • 💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

  • 🚨 𝟚 AI Updates: Beatles Final Song & AI alliance

  • 💻 𝟙 Practical Use of AI: Email marketing campaign

💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

Julius: Turn hours of excel into minutes with AI powered data analyst

Magic Slides: AI-Powered Text To Presentation on Google Slides

Adobe Firefly: Use generative AI and simple text prompts to create the high quality images

🚨 Breaking AI News 🚨

Source: BBC

Big Takeaway: Yesterday, with the help of AI The Beatles released a final song called ‘Now And Then’ 45 years after it was started. (Listen Here)

  • John Lennon wrote the first bars in 1978, and it was completed last year by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. All four Beatles feature on the track, the last to be credited to them all.

  • AI software isolated and improved the quality of Lennon's voice from demos.

  • This song marks the likely final chapter for the legendary band after Lennon's death.

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Source: Harvard Business Review

Big Takeaway: China's vice minister said Beijing will cooperate with others, including the US on frameworks for safe, responsible AI development.

  • This comes amid a tense technology dispute between China and the US.

  • China signed an agreement with 27 countries on managing risks and governing AI responsibly.

  • But concrete policy steps were lacking from the UK's AI summit beyond commitments to find consensus.

🔎Extra Insights🔍

🤖 “AI” is 2023’s word of the year

Collins Dictionary named "AI" as its 2023 Word of the Year, citing its acceleration and dominance in conversations this year. (Full article here)

🇺🇸 Biden's New Order to Rein in AI Inspired by Tom Cruise Movie

According to Fortune, President Biden watched Tom Cruise's movie 'Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning' at Camp David, which inspired him to sign an executive order on AI. (Full article here)

☁️ AWS lets customers rent Nvidia’s AI GPUs

AWS launched EC2 Capacity Blocks, allowing reservation of Nvidia GPUs for ML jobs for defined time periods. Users can reserve cluster sizes from 1-64 GPU instances up to 14 days, 8 weeks in advance. (Full article here)

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: Email marketing campaign

Use this ChatGPT prompt to help brainstorm ideas for an email marketing campaign.

🔏 Copy and paste the prompt below
Build a complete email marketing campaign for the launch of [product/service], including series copy, visual assets, sending schedule, and success metrics.
Here’s a link to the results ⬇️

💼 Who’s hiring in AI

* 1 new job listing

  • *Rewind provides a personalized AI that remembers what you’ve seen. 8 job listings

  • Character AI is an AI research company focused on custom character chatbots. 17 job listings

  • Hugging Face largest open-sourced AI community. 12 job listings

  • Anthropic is an AI safety and research company. 45 job listings

  • Perplexity is an AI research company that focuses on search engines. 4 job listings

  • Replit is a company that provides online IDE software for developers. 20 job listings

  • C3 AI provides enterprise AI applications that meet business-critical needs. 100+ job listings

  • Runway is an applied AI research company focusing on art. 13 job listings

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