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Bill Gates’ nuclear power plant ☢️

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Bill Gates discusses the role of nuclear power and artificial intelligence (AI) in addressing climate change and energy needs. He highlights advancements in nuclear technology and the potential of AI to optimize energy systems and reduce emissions.


  • Bill Gates advocates for nuclear power as a crucial component in the fight against climate change.

  • Emphasizes the development of next-generation nuclear reactors that are safer and more efficient.

  • Highlights the potential of AI in optimizing energy production and consumption.

  • Discusses Gates’ investment in TerraPower and its innovative reactor designs.

  • AI's role in predictive maintenance and operational efficiency is key to modern energy infrastructure.

What we think

Bill Gates’ insights underscore the urgent need for innovative solutions in the energy sector. By combining nuclear advancements with AI, there's potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency. Startups and CTOs should consider the integration of AI in energy solutions to drive sustainability and operational improvements.


Researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have developed a method to train AI chatbots to "jailbreak" other chatbots, circumventing their built-in restrictions. This technique, named "Masterkey," involves reverse-engineering the defenses of large language models (LLMs) and using the acquired data to teach another AI to bypass these safeguards. This method demonstrated significant success rates, notably improving the ability to generate restricted content even after developers apply patches​.

Nothing's upcoming Phone 3, set to be released in 2025, will focus heavily on AI, marking it as the company's first true AI smartphone. CEO Carl Pei envisions a future where AI redefines the smartphone user experience, moving away from the traditional app-centric model. Demonstrations of the Phone 3 highlighted features like a personalized home screen that dynamically displays relevant QR codes, reminders, and weather updates, along with the integration of a voice assistant named Oliver​.

Wix has introduced a new AI-powered tool that allows users to create and edit iOS and Android apps by simply describing their requirements in plain English. This feature, integrated into Wix’s app builder tool, utilizes a chatbot-like interface to gather user specifications and then generates native app code that can be customized with additional integrations and widgets. Despite some early criticisms regarding bugs and generic outputs, Wix's CEO Avishai Abrahami claims the feedback has been largely positive and emphasizes that the tool is intended to complement, not replace, professional developers​.


OpenAI has recently published a research paper detailing a new method for reverse engineering AI models to improve transparency and control, addressing concerns raised about the potential risks of their technology. This technique allows researchers to peer inside the model powering ChatGPT, identifying how it stores specific concepts, which can help mitigate misbehavior in AI systems. The release follows internal criticism and organizational changes at OpenAI, highlighting their commitment to making AI systems more interpretable and safer.

Proper logging is essential for robust application observability. This guide covers best practices, including default logging at entry points, comprehensive logging for state changes, appropriate log level categorization, and hierarchical ID logging for better traceability. Standardizing log formats and including trace IDs further enhance log readability and troubleshooting efficiency, enabling developers to monitor and resolve issues more effectively​.

In this week's "On Call" column, a reader named "Brian" recounts an incident where his team's application faced performance complaints from an office in "Gaul." Despite rigorous code reviews showing no issues, the problem persisted until a network traffic analysis revealed that an IT worker in Gaul was downloading large Linux binaries during work hours, saturating the WAN link. Once this was stopped, the performance issues were resolved, vindicating Brian and his team.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Canvid

    Create stunning, AI-enhanced screen recordings.

  2. Findr

    Al assistant that can answer questions, find information, write documents, all powered by your apps and workplace knowledge.

  3. Fire Bender

    Find early adopters and new startup leads via an AI-powered database.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Speak

    Speak raises a $20M Series B-3 — Language learning app.

  2. Zing

    Zing Coach raises a $10M Series A — AI fitness coach.

  3. Fairnow

    FairNow raises a $3.5M Seed — AI governance platform.


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