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Plus: OpenAI rumors

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! I hope your weekend was great it was a huge weekend in AI, lets break it down.

The Breakdown:

  • 💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

  • 🚨 𝟚 AI Updates: Meet Grok & OpenAI leaks

  • 💻 𝟙 Practical Use of AI: Limit distractions

💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

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Bardeen AI: AI automation platform to replace your repetitive tasks

Lindy AI: Build a team of AI employees working together to perform any task. (Waitlist)

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🚨 Breaking AI News 🚨

Source: CNBC

Big Takeaway: Elon Musk's AI startup xAI has released its first AI chatbot called Grok, aiming to compete with ChatGPT and other major generative AI systems.

  • Grok has real-time access to info on 𝕏 and is trained on 33 billion parameters.

  • The AI uses the “Grok-1 language model” and xAI claims Grok-1 surpasses GPT-3.5 but not the more advanced GPT-4.

  • Grok is rolling out for select users on 𝕏 and for $16, will be available to all premium subscribers. (View Musk Tweet here)

Will 'Grok' be able to compete with ChatGPT?

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Source: Business Insider

Big Takeaway: OpenAI may introduce major updates for developers at its DevDay event November 6th, making AI apps cheaper and faster to build.

Potential leaks and rumors:

  • A rumored ChatGPT "Team" plan could offer unlimited high-speed GPT-4 access and advanced data analysis.

  • Leaked video shows a ChatGPT prototype with new model selector, customizable GPTs, and Magic Maker tool.

  • And a possibility of new vision capabilities would let developers make apps that analyze and describe images.

I will be covering all of the updates and confirming the leaks from DevDay tomorrow in my newsletter, so be sure to check it out!

🔎Extra Insights🔍

🎥 RunwayML introduces the first physical device for video editing

Runway introduced the first AI machine for video editing, and they predict anyone can generate movie-style videos as AI progresses. (View Demo here)

1️⃣1️⃣ Elevenlabs launches ‘Eleven Turbo v2’

Eleven Turbo v2 merges their premier text-to-speech capabilities with an advanced, rapid-response framework, promising instant audio playback. (Full article here)

🥇'Mika' becomes world's first AI human-like robot CEO

Mika is a joint project by Hanson Robotics and Dictador, the Polish rum maker, to create a robot CEO that stands for the company's special values.(Full article here)

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: Limit distractions

Distractions, we all fall vicitm to them, but with the help of ChatGPT you may be able to limit them.

🔏 Copy and paste the prompt below
Devise a strategic plan that incorporates specific behavioral changes, environmental adjustments, and time management techniques to mitigate [Type of] distractions.  
Here’s a link to the results ⬇️

💼 Who’s hiring in AI

* 1 new job listing

  • *OpenAI AI research and deployment company dedicated to ensuring that general-purpose AI benefits all of humanity. (84 job listings)

  • Rewind provides a personalized AI that remembers what you’ve seen. 8 job listings

  • Character AI is an AI research company focused on custom character chatbots. 17 job listings

  • Hugging Face largest open-sourced AI community. 12 job listings

  • Anthropic is an AI safety and research company. 45 job listings

  • Perplexity is an AI research company that focuses on search engines. 4 job listings

  • Replit is a company that provides online IDE software for developers. 20 job listings

  • C3 AI provides enterprise AI applications that meet business-critical needs. 100+ job listings

  • Runway is an applied AI research company focusing on art. 13 job listings

🔮 AI Inspiration

Which Picture is AI genereated?

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That’s all for today!

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