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💡 Claude 3 is overtaking ChatGPT

Plus: Reka releases new LLM ‘Reka Core’

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Is Claude 3 the new AI king?

The Breakdown

🚨 Latest Developments 

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Big Takeaway: OpenAI's ChatGPT, once the leading AI chatbot, has seen a stagnation in growth since last year, while Anthropic's Claude has experienced rapid expansion following the release of Claude 3 in March.

  • ChatGPT's traffic peaked in May 2023 with 1.81 billion visits and nearly matched that in March 2024 with 1.77 billion visits, indicating a plateau in user activity over the past year.

  • Claude has shown a 161% growth rate in March, significantly outpacing ChatGPT's growth, although starting from a smaller user base and primarily being accessible in the EU via API, not a dedicated website.

  • Despite Claude's rapid growth, ChatGPT still has a substantial lead in overall users, even though its monthly growth has slowed to 13%.

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Big Takeaway: Reka, a San Francisco-based AI startup, has announced its most powerful multimodal language model to date, Reka Core, which was built by utilizing thousands of GPUs.

  • Reka Core is available through an API, marking it as the third member of Reka’s language model family. Reka Core is capable of understanding multiple modalities, including images, audio, and video.

  • Despite being trained in under a year, Reka Core matches or exceeds the performance of major models from industry leaders such as OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic.

  • The model supports 32 languages and has a large context window of 128,000 tokens.

🔎 Extra Insights 

OpenAI is making moves to expand its presence in Japan, with plans to open a new office in Tokyo and launch a version of its GPT-4 LLM tailored for the Japanese language.

Adobe is developing generative AI video capabilities for its Firefly platform, to be integrated into its Premiere Pro video editing software this year. The new tools will allow users to generate videos, add or remove objects using text prompts similar to Photoshop's Generative Fill,

Tesla is planning to lay off over 10% of its global workforce, equating to at least 14,000 employees, according to an internal email from CEO Elon Musk. The cuts impact various teams across the company and include the departure of senior vice president Drew Bagliano after 18 years.

💎 3 Top AI Tools

Collectif: Make data-driven decisions for product & growth

Akool: All-in-one platform for visual marketing

Webwave: Create a website in 3 minutes

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: Employee onboarding

Use ChatGPT to create an employee onboarding strategy for your business or project.

Copy and paste the prompt below:
Design an employee onboarding program for an (insert business or project) that includes training, job responsibilities, expectations, and closing duties.
Here’s a link to the results:

💼 Who’s Hiring in AI

Job Title


Salary Range


AI Content Writer

Data Annotation



Data Annotator




Product Analyst




🎲 AI Game

Which Picture is AI Generated?

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