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💡 Elon Musk introduces Blindsight

Plus: Sora meets Hollywood

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Elon musk has conquered telepathy and now he’s moving to blindness.

The Breakdown

🚨 Latest Developments 

Source: Neuralink

Big Takeaway: Elon Musk announced Neuralink's next product, Blindsight, aimed at recovering or restoring vision, even in individuals who were born blind.

  • Musk is very confident Neuralink will be able to restore vision by reading and writing brain signals and extending communication to the rest of the nervous system for those with severed spinal cords or neck injuries.

  • Neuralink has successfully implanted its Telepathy device in its first human patient, allowing control of computers with the mind. Musk claimed Neuralink restored sight in monkeys using its brain chip technology.

  • He described the Blindsight implant's initial resolution as modest, similar to "early Nintendo graphics," but highlighted the possibility of exceeding normal human eyesight in the future.

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Source: Forbes

Big Takeaway: OpenAI is actively seeking partnerships with Hollywood studios and media executives in Los Angeles to promote the integration of its upcoming AI text-to-video model Sora into film production.

  • Sora, unveiled in February but not yet public, can generate videos up to a minute from text prompts. (Examples)

  • As part of its broader outreach, OpenAI's COO Brad Lightcap held introductory talks in Hollywood in February to showcase Sora's capabilities.

  • Hollywood's usage of AI has raised concerns about its influence on illustrators and voice performers. Screenwriters and performers swent on strike last year to secure AI technology protections which lead to some safeguards established by unions.

🔎 Extra Insights 

Emad Mostaque has resigned as the founder and CEO of AI company Stability AI to pursue decentralized AI. Mostaque stepped down from his leadership roles and the company's board, stating his belief that AI should remain open and decentralized rather than centralized with a few major players like OpenAI and Anthropic.

Nvidia and Hippocratic AI are developing generative AI "agents" that can outperform human nurses on video calls for less per hour. The firms announced their partnership to create "empathetic healthcare agents" using Nvidia's technology and Hippocratic's vast healthcare language model.

GAIMIN, the leader in decentralized data processing power, and io.net, one of the world's largest Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) for AI compute, announced a partnership to process cloud gaming data. Both firms have GPU-based DePIN designs and are some of the leaders in decentralized AI. Maybe Eman Mostaque is right, decentralized AI is the future.

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