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Hey Edge Family, good morning! It was a HUGE day in AI and tech yesterday let’s jump in.

The Breakdown

💎 3 Top AI Tools

Gemini: Google’s latest AI model released yesterday

Pebblely: Create product photos with AI generated backgrounds in minutes

Prisma: Upload photos and convert them into paintings

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🚨 Latest Developments 

Source: Google

Big Takeaway: Google has finally rebranded its AI chatbot “Bard” to “Gemini” and introduced Gemini Ultra, its most capable LLM (large language model) to date.

  • *Important Gemini Ultra is Google’s most powerful LLM, and they are offering a free 2-month trial period. It’s currently available for US users. (Access here)

  • Access to Gemini Ultra comes with a new $20 Google One tier, which includes additional features like the ability to summarize and get key points from a YouTube video.

  • On paper, Gemini Ultra outperformed GPT-4 in 7 out of 8 tasks, including reasoning, math, and coding, but the public will still need to come to a conclusion on the “AI chatbot king.”

  • A new Gemini app for Android and iOS will be available, with the option to replace Google Assistant with Gemini.

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Source: The Intercept

Big Takeaway: According to The Information, OpenAI is developing two types of AI agents: one designed to automate tasks and the second for web-based tasks.

  • The first agent could autonomously perform tasks like transferring data between documents or completing expense reports to streamline workflows.

  • The second agent focuses on web tasks without relying on APIs, capable of activities like creating travel itineraries or booking flights.

  • An AI agent is a computer program that autonomously performs tasks or actions on behalf of a user or another program.

🔎 Extra Insights 

The FCC unanimously ruled that AI-generated robocalls mimicking voices to deceive voters are illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This follows robocalls with a fake Biden voice in New Hampshire traced to two Texas companies.

Stability AI has released an updated 1.1 version of its Stable Video Diffusion model for improved AI-generated video quality and consistency. The model remains open source for non-commercial use but now requires a paid membership for commercial applications.

Singapore startup Brilliant Labs has unveiled Frame, a lightweight pair of AR glasses featuring an AI assistant called Noa. Frame displays AI-generated text, images, and videos on its 640x400 lenses, powered by models like Stable Diffusion, GPT4, and Whisper.

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: Responsive email template

Use this ChatGPT prompt to make an email template using HTML and CSS.

Copy and paste the prompt below:
Develop a responsive email template for a (Insert campaign type, e.g., 'product launch', 'newsletter') using HTML and inline CSS, testing for compatibility across major email clients.Here’s a link to the results:

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🎲 AI Game

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Credit: DeepView AI

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