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Google DeepMind's new AI model, V2A, generates synchronized soundtracks, including music, sound effects, and dialogues for videos. Using a diffusion-based approach, V2A refines audio from random noise guided by video and text prompts. Although promising, V2A is not yet publicly available due to ongoing testing and concerns about audio quality and potential misuse.


  • AI Model: V2A by Google DeepMind generates soundtracks for videos, including music, sound effects, and dialogue.

  • Technology: Utilizes a diffusion model that refines audio from random noise based on video input and text prompts.

  • Capabilities: Can create audio for silent videos, archival materials, and traditional footage, ensuring synchronization with video content.

  • Limitations: Audio quality is dependent on video input quality; lip sync can be imperfect.

  • Availability: Currently under testing; not publicly released due to concerns about quality and misuse.

What we think

V2A represents a significant step forward in integrating AI with audiovisual content creation, offering immense potential for enhancing video production. However, the dependency on high-quality input and current limitations in audio fidelity highlight the need for further refinement. The cautious approach to its release underscores the importance of addressing ethical and practical concerns before widespread adoption.


OpenAI has acquired Rockset to enhance its enterprise AI capabilities. Rockset, known for its real-time analytics platform, will help OpenAI deliver more robust data solutions for businesses, complementing its existing AI offerings. This acquisition aligns with OpenAI's strategy to strengthen its position in the enterprise AI market and provide more comprehensive tools for data analysis and processing.

The article from Wired, titled "Perplexity Is a Bullshit Machine," delves into the issues surrounding the AI-powered search startup, Perplexity. It criticizes the model's tendency to generate plausible-sounding but often incorrect or misleading information, highlighting the broader challenges in AI's handling of complex queries and nuanced subjects. The piece raises concerns about the legal and ethical implications of AI models disseminating inaccurate information, particularly in professional and public contexts

Gen-3 Alpha is the first of an upcoming series of models trained by Runway on a new infrastructure built for large-scale multimodal training. It is a major improvement in fidelity, consistency, and motion over Gen-2, and a step towards building General World Models.


The article introduces "Logit Prisms," a tool designed to decompose transformer outputs for mechanistic interpretability in AI models. It aims to enhance understanding of how transformers make decisions by breaking down the logits into interpretable components, thereby aiding in debugging and improving model performance. This tool is particularly useful for researchers and engineers seeking to gain deeper insights into the internal workings of transformer-based AI systems.

Argilla is a collaboration platform for AI engineers and domain experts that require high-quality outputs, full data ownership, and overall efficiency.

Chinese AI startup DeepSeek has released DeepSeek Coder V2, an open source mixture of experts code language model that supports more than 300 programming languages and outperforms state-of-the-art closed-source models like GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 3 Opus, and Gemini 2.5 Pro.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Otto Grid

    Skip the chat bot, and bring reasoning to your data. Define your table once, and automate thousands of tasks in minutes.

  2. Socap

    We help founders and investors to grow their network and fundraise faster with AI.

  3. Akadimia

    Step into the future of learning with Akadimia AI, an immersive educational platform that brings history's icons as your AI mentor.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Pika

    Pika raises a $80M Series B AI video creation.

  2. Sixfold

    Sixfold raises a $15M Series A AI for insurance underwriting.

  3. Cartwheel

    Cartwheel raises a $5.6M Seed Text-to-3D animation.


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