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💡 Hollywood is In Trouble...

Plus: Latest News, Tools, and Advancements

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Welcome back, AI visionaries! Let's unravel the latest mysteries of the artificial intelligence world together!

In Today’s AI Report:

  • 💥 AI in politics: First ever AI-powered political ad

  • 📹 Hollywood is in trouble: AI Meets Hollywood

  • 🧩 Meta introduces plans: Billions introduced to AI

  • 💎 4 AI tools 4 You: Handpicked and tested 4 You

The Republican National Committee released an attack on the Democratic Party. With the first ever AI-generated ad depicting our future if President Biden is re elected.

This will just be the beginning of AI being used in politics as AI generated films become more and more advanced. Fact checking is now more important than ever.

As AI-generated images become more prevalent in art, journalism, and now politics, the 2024 election is poised to see an increased use of this technology in campaign ads.

With AI systems like Midjourney and OpenAI's Dall-E 2 making digital art and image creation increasingly accessible, it is likely that the RNC and other political groups will continue to employ this technology throughout the campaign.

Sticking with the theme of AI generated videos, RunwayML is leading the game. With Runway’s Gen-2 text-to-video being out for less than a month, we are already seeing incredible videos being produced.

RunwayML Gen-2 has laid the foundation for AI within the creative industry, allowing artists and designers to leverage cutting-edge machine learning tools to produce innovative and engaging content.

These videos will soon be indistinguishable from those taken by a camera. Check out this explosion created by Gen-2 with the simple prompt “A cinematic explosion in the dessert”

This is my personal favorite; Marvel characters like Iron Man and Captain America are featured in Gordon Ramsey’s MasterChef.

This earnings season is about one thing: AI. Meta is a testament to this fact, as Zuckerberg plans to introduce over a billion people to the possibilities of AI.

He wants to explore AI chatbot experiences on WhatsApp and Messenger, most likely powered by GPT-4. In addition, Zuckerberg wants to implement AI powered visual creation tools for Facebook and Instagram posts.

There were no in-depth details given, but we can expect big things from Meta in the coming months. Maybe something AI and metaverse related? 👀 

💎4 AI Tools 4 You

  • RunwayML: Text-to-Video Platform: Try Gen-1 on your phone (link)

  • Aomni: Autonomous Research Assistant (link)

  • Beautiful AI: Create professional presentations with simple content (link)

  • 10Web IO: Generate websites with AI in seconds (link)

🔮 AI Inspiration of the Day

Kirlian Effect: A method that records electrical discharges on a photographic plate, producing a celestial picture. (Credit)

That’s all for today!

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