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  • Luma AI launches revolutionary 'Dream Machine' video generator 🤯

Luma AI launches revolutionary 'Dream Machine' video generator 🤯

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  • Luma AI launches revolutionary 'Dream Machine'

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Luma AI has introduced "Dream Machine," a cutting-edge AI video generator capable of creating realistic and dynamic videos from text and image prompts only. Although currently limited to 5-second clips, it promises high physical accuracy and character consistency, despite some limitations. This is the first in a series of advanced generative models from Luma AI.


  • Launch: Luma AI unveiled "Dream Machine," an AI video generator.

  • Capabilities: Generates realistic, action-packed videos from text and image prompts.

  • Technical Details: Uses scalable transformer architecture trained directly on videos.

  • Limitations: Current issues with consistency, motion, and text rendering.

  • Availability: Limited to 5-second videos; generates 120 frames in 120 seconds.

  • Future Plans: Part of a series of "Frontier Generative Models" for various content creation.

What we think

Luma AI's Dream Machine represents a significant advancement in generative AI technology, particularly for video creation. While there are some current limitations, the potential for scalable and realistic video generation from simple prompts is impressive. This tool could become indispensable for startups and developers looking to streamline and enhance content production.


Apple and OpenAI have formed a partnership where Apple provides exposure for OpenAI's ChatGPT within its ecosystem instead of monetary compensation. This arrangement benefits both parties, giving Apple users access to ChatGPT features integrated with Siri and other tools while promoting OpenAI’s technology. Although currently not a financial deal, the collaboration could evolve into a revenue-sharing model in the future.

Brave has integrated its Leo AI assistant with its search engine, enabling users to receive AI-generated answers alongside traditional search results directly within the Brave browser. This new feature enhances browsing efficiency by providing contextual and relevant information while maintaining user privacy, as Leo processes anonymous inputs and does not retain data. This integration marks a significant step for Brave in combining AI technology with privacy-focused browsing​.

Microsoft has made a strategic move by hiring the co-founders of Inflection AI, Mustafa Suleyman and Karén Simonyan, to lead its new AI division. This recruitment is part of a larger $650 million deal to license Inflection's AI technology, which has attracted the scrutiny of the FTC over potential antitrust concerns. This move underscores Microsoft's commitment to advancing its AI capabilities while navigating regulatory landscapes to avoid traditional acquisition pitfalls​.


Computers can help solve the big, unsolved problems in mathematics. The latest advancements in artificial intelligence introduce completely new ways of working and open up new possibilities for cooperation in mathematics. This article contains a transcript of an interview with Terence Tao from the University of California in which he discusses the future of the field of mathematics. Tao also covers collaboration in the field, automated proof checking, new technologies, the big unanswered problems in mathematics, and more.

Smart Paste is a tool broadly available at Google that predicts the next state of a code environment and uses generative AI to create context-aware adjustments to pasted code. It streamlines the process of copy-pasting during code revisions. When testing the tool with around 40,000 engineers, Google found that 6.9% of all pastes in the IDE utilized Smart Paste - 42.5% of suggestions from the feature were accepted. This article discusses how Google developed the feature.

Instead of pushing people to be typing all the time, managers should instead provide the materials, environment, and processes necessary to ensure that the thinking developers do is of high quality.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. DocBot

    Create a bot and add knowledge by uploading documents, sharing websites, or adding text, and ask questions with friends and family.

  2. Restylar

    Upload your photo, a structure image, and a style image to see your art come to life in seconds. It’s that simple.

  3. Soundify

    Generate unique sound effects from text descriptions, Enjoy remarkable sound effects now!


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Light AI

    Light Inc. raises a $13M Seed — AI-powered general ledger

  2. Blinq

    BlinqIO raises a $5M Seed — Automated software testing

  3. InScope

    InScope raises a $4.3M Seed — AI to create financial reports


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