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Meta drops ‘3D Gen’ bomb 💣

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  • Meta drops ‘3D Gen’ bomb: AI-powered 3D asset creation at lightning speed

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Meta has introduced groundbreaking AI tools for generating 3D assets, significantly speeding up the process of creating 3D models. This innovation is set to revolutionize fields like game development, virtual reality, and digital marketing by making high-quality 3D asset creation more accessible and efficient.


  • Meta's AI Tool Release: Meta has launched an AI tool for rapid 3D asset creation, aimed at simplifying the development of detailed 3D models.

  • Speed and Efficiency: This tool can create 3D assets much faster than traditional methods, potentially transforming industries reliant on 3D graphics.

  • Applications: The technology is particularly beneficial for game developers, VR designers, and digital marketers, providing them with the ability to quickly produce and iterate on 3D content.

  • Impact on Workflows: By automating complex parts of the 3D asset creation process, the tool allows creative professionals to focus more on design and innovation rather than technical details.

What We Think

Meta's new AI-driven 3D asset creation tool represents a significant leap forward in digital content creation. It not only streamlines the workflow for developers and designers but also democratizes access to high-quality 3D assets. This innovation is poised to accelerate advancements in various tech-driven sectors, enhancing productivity and creativity.


Runway has launched Gen-3 Alpha, an advanced AI video model that generates highly realistic 10-second clips, showcasing significant improvements in detail, consistency, and motion over its predecessor. It supports various functionalities like text-to-video, image-to-video, and text-to-image generation, and offers enhanced temporal control for intricate scene transitions. The model is available for custom development to meet specific artistic and narrative requirements for entertainment and media companies​.

The idea involves using artificial intelligence to predict recidivism and make sentencing decisions. While proponents argue that this could improve efficiency and consistency in the justice system, critics highlight significant concerns about fairness and transparency. AI algorithms can perpetuate and even amplify existing biases in the data they are trained on, leading to potential discrimination against marginalized groups. There is a growing call for transparency and accountability in how these AI tools are developed and applied in the criminal justice system.

Figma has decided to disable certain AI features due to concerns about plagiarism. The company recognized that its AI tools, which leverage large language models to assist in tasks such as summarizing sticky notes and brainstorming ideas, posed a risk of generating content that could be too similar to existing designs and materials, potentially leading to intellectual property issues. Figma is taking steps to address these concerns by refining their AI capabilities to ensure they are used responsibly and ethically.​


Cloudflare is now offering its web hosting customers a way to block AI bots from scraping website content and using the data without permission to train machine learning models. It is able to recognize bot activity even when operators lie about their user agent. The bot detection approach relies on digital fingerprinting. With a network that sees an average of 57 million requests per second, Cloudflare has ample data to determine which fingerprints can be trusted.

Before getting into AI development, first decide whether you want to train models from scratch or build cool things on top of AI models. Knowing how to train models may not be that useful when working with generative AI - it's better to develop knowledge in other areas like prompting, evals, and using models to build production-quality apps. Calling an API is going to work better than dedicating a team to tune a private model before scaling in most cases. It is possible to obtain an AI research position without a PhD, but it will take years of study.

What if we actually could replace Git? Jujutsu might give us a real shot. Jujutsu is a new version control system that is on track to replace Google's existing version control systems. It has an interesting approach to its design choices in terms of both implementation details and user interface. Jujutsu can be used with existing Git repositories. This article introduces the system and walks readers through how to use it.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Elevenlabs Reader App

    Choose a voice from an extensive library, upload any type of text content, and listen on the go.

  2. QuestionBase

    An AI-powered autoresponder for Slack. It answers the most repetitive questions, so you don’t have to.

  3. Jellypod

    Convert your emails and newsletters into a personal podcast.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Synthflow

    Synthflow raises a $7.4M Seed — AI voice assistants.

  2. Orby

    Orby AI raises a $30M Series A — AI agents for enterprises.

  3. Dust

    Dust raises a $16M Series A — Custom AI assistants.



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