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Nvidia’s new open-source AI models ⚡️

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  • Nvidia’s new open-source AI models

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NVIDIA's new Nemotron-4 340B models generate high-quality synthetic data for training large language models (LLMs), streamlining AI development across various industries. This pipeline integrates with NVIDIA NeMo and TensorRT-LLM for efficient data generation and model optimization.


  • Launch: NVIDIA released Nemotron-4 340B models to create synthetic data for training LLMs.

  • Functionality: Includes base, instruct, and reward models to produce and refine synthetic data.

  • Optimization: Models are compatible with NVIDIA NeMo and TensorRT-LLM for efficient training and inference.

Why it matters

Nvidia just provided a free, open-source model family that not only matches the capabilities of some of the top rivals in the space, but also excels at crafting synthetic data needed to continue leveling up new LLMs. The chipmaking giant is an AI powerhouse of many talents.


Nvidia is now the most valuable public company in the world. Its market cap surpassed Microsoft's $3.32 trillion on Tuesday, reaching a high of $3.34 trillion. Nvidia's shares are up more than 170% so far this year. Its market cap hit $3 trillion for the first time earlier this month. Nvidia's rise has been so rapid the company has yet to be added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the stock benchmark of the 30 most valuable US companies.

Apple will repeatedly release a cheaper, cut-down version of the Apple Vision Pro at the end of 2025. Development work on a second generation of the high-end model of the Vision Pro has been shelved. Reports suggest that the cheaper Vision Pro will cost around $1,500. Apple is apparently struggling to find ways to cut the price and weight of the device without sacrificing too much of the experience.

OpenAI's revenue has surged to $3.4 billion, doubling in the past six months due to subscriptions and partnerships, notably with Microsoft. This growth highlights the increasing demand for AI services and the company's successful monetization strategies. However, OpenAI has disputed the accuracy of these figures.


AI is revolutionizing portfolio management by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making. Machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and advanced analytics enable more effective portfolio optimization, fundamental analysis, and risk management. These technologies allow for real-time data processing, better predictive insights, and personalized investment strategies, providing a competitive edge in the finance industry.

Senior fatigue is a sign of maturity in engineering - it's an indicator that you're transitioning from doing everything to ensuring that everything that needs to be done gets done in the most effective way.

NVIDIA Warp is a Python framework for writing high-performance simulation and graphics code. It takes regular Python functions and JIT compiles them to efficient kernel code that can run on the CPU or GPU. Warp comes with a rich set of primitives that make it easy to write programs for physics simulation, perception, robotics, and geometry processing. Its kernels can be used as part of machine learning pipelines with frameworks such as PyTorch and JAX.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Rosie

    An AI answering service that can answer your calls, set appointments, and send confirmation texts on its own.

  2. Camb

    Dub sports commentary, movies, and other content into over 140 languages with AI.

  3. Amnesia

    Learn about any topic with an educational choose-your-own-adventure game powered by AI.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Tektonic

    Tektonic AI raises a $10M Seed — AI agents for business operations.

  2. Browserbase

    Browserbase raises a $6.5M Pre-Seed + Seed — Web browser for AI agents.

  3. Greptile

    Greptile raises a $4.1M Seed — AI assistant for codebases.


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