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  • 💡 Nvidia's New $100B Competitor

💡 Nvidia's New $100B Competitor

Plus: Groq the World's Fastest AI

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! SoftBank’s founder is looking to take Nvidia off their AI chip pedestal, will they succeed?

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🚨 Latest Developments 

Source: Bloomberg

Big Takeaway: SoftBank Group's founder, Masayoshi Son, is reportedly seeking $100 billion for a new AI chip venture, Project Izanagi.

  • Project Izanagi would work alongside Arm, a chip design company SoftBank took public but still owns approximately 90% of.

  • Project Izanagi aims to rival the chipmaking monopoly NVIDIA and compliment Son's semiconductor design company, Arm Holdings.

  • The funding strategy mirrors SoftBank's Vision Fund approach, with plans to secure $70 billion from Middle Eastern investors and the remaining $30 billion from SoftBank itself.

Source: Reuters

Big Takeaway: Groq, an AI startup (not Elon Musk's Grok), is gaining popularity for its hardware breakthroughs, which include specialized processing units that run LLMs that give almost instant answers.

  • Public benchmark tests showed Groq outperforming ChatGPT in computation and response speed.

  • Groq developed a custom ASIC chip, enabling it to generate about 500 tokens per second, compared to ChatGPT-3.5's 40 tokens per second.

  • Groq Inc. claims to have created the first language processing unit (LPU), running its model without the need for GPUs.

  • This is a side-by-side demo comparison of GPT-4 and Groq.

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🔎 Extra Insights 

Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a new photonic chip that performs AI math using light waves, enabling potential speed and energy improvements over traditional silicon chips.

UK-based AI chipmaker Graphcore is exploring a sale or investment deal with major tech firms like Arm, SoftBank, and OpenAI as it faces financial losses. Despite raising over $700 million at a $2.8 billion valuation, Graphcore has struggled to compete against Nvidia's dominant GPUs

French AI startup Mistral recently began quietly testing a new generative AI model called Mistral Next. Early testers found Mistral Next to be on par or better than OpenAI's GPT-4 at logical reasoning and coding. This comes after Mistral raised a massive $415 million funding round in December, valuing the startup at $2 billion.

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