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💡 OpenAI Prepares For AI Crisis

Plus: Google Maps Meets AI

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! OpenAI is preparing for AGI it’s coming faster than we think.

Here’s The Breakdown:

  • 💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

  • 🚨 𝟚 AI Updates: OpenAI prepares for AGI & Google Maps AI

  • 💻 𝟙 Practical Use of AI: Opportunity cost

Let’s jump in!

💎 𝟛 Tools to Give You The Edge

Fabric AI: Copilot for all your apps, clouds and files

Trove: Create interactive surveys with AI

Speechify: Complete AI voice studio

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🚨 Breaking AI News 🚨

Source: Tech Crunch

Big Takeaway: OpenAI formed a new preparedness team to minimize risks and prevent a humanitarian crisis as AI capabilities advance toward AGI. (Artificial General Intelligence)

  • It will assess dangers, develop protective policies, and connect evaluations and red teaming across models.

  • Their goal? “A quantitative, evidence-based methodology, beyond what is accepted as possible.” (Official Tweet here)

  • They also released a preparedness challenge to address less evident concerns that focused on preventing catastrophic misuse. (Join the challenge here)

When will we have AGI (Machine with human-like thinking capabilities)

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Source: UC Davis

Big Takeaway: Google is adding AI features to Google Maps to make it more discoverable, like search, with immersive navigation and organized results.

  • It wants Maps used to find experiences beyond just directions, under its powerful search algorithm.

  • Analyzing billions of photos helps surface results matching vague queries like "latte art."

  • Generative AI creates 3D views from images to enhance Immersive View in 15 more cities.

What Maps Do You Use?

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🔎Extra Insights🔍

🇬🇧 UK Prime Minister makes vow to Britain

A UK government paper warns advances in AI could enable new cyberattacks and disinformation within 18 months. But Prime Minister Rishi Sunak vows to keep Britain safe as AI grows more powerful. (Full article here)

💼 Meta handles business

Meta is prioritizing business messaging to boost revenue, as Mark Zuckerberg revealed 600+ million daily user-business interactions across platforms. WhatsApp Business drives significant growth, earning $293M last quarter. (Full article here)

🏦 Elon is planning on X being the "everything app”

Elon Musk aims for Twitter to handle users' entire financial lives by end of 2024, becoming a central finance platform. He wants features well beyond payments like bank accounts, debit cards, and loans. (Full article here)

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: Opportunity Cost

Use this ChatGPT prompt to assess the opportunity cost in your business scenario.

🔏 Copy and paste the prompt below
Assess [insert business decision details] by considering Opportunity Cost. Evaluate what you are giving up in order to pursue this decision, and whether it is the best use of resources.
Here’s a link to the results ⬇️

💼 Who’s hiring in AI

*2 New listings for this week

  • *Character AI is an AI research company focused on custom character chatbots 17 job listings

  • *Hugging Face largest open-sourced AI community 12 job listings

  • Anthropic is an AI safety and research company. 45 job listings

  • Perplexity is an AI research company that focuses on search engines. 4 job listings

  • Replit is company that provides online IDE software for developers. 20 job listings

  • C3 AI provides enterprise AI applications that meet business-critical needs. 100+ job listings

  • Runway is an applied AI research company focusing on art. 13 job listings

🔮 AI Inspiration

Which Picture is AI genereated?

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That’s all for today!

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