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OpenAI’s content deal with Time magazine 📕

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🧵 Here are some useful AI updates and tools we gathered today:

  • Time Magazine partners with OpenAI and ElevenLabs

  • Latest in tech and AI + dev resources

  • Cool AI tools + see who raised funds

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Time Magazine is collaborating with OpenAI and ElevenLabs to leverage advanced AI technologies for creating and distributing multimedia content, enhancing both editorial and audience engagement experiences.


  • Partnership Announcement: Time Magazine partners with OpenAI and ElevenLabs.

  • AI Integration: Utilizing OpenAI's language models and ElevenLabs' voice cloning technology to create more immersive multimedia content.

  • Content Creation and Distribution: Enhanced storytelling capabilities for Time Magazine’s editorial team, aiming to engage a wider audience with innovative content formats.

What we think

This partnership is a strategic move for Time Magazine, positioning it at the forefront of media innovation. By integrating AI for content creation, Time can offer unique and engaging experiences for its readers. However, it also raises questions about the balance between AI-generated content and traditional journalism ethics.


OpenAI's GPT-5, now slated for late 2025, promises PhD-level task-specific intelligence, surpassing the capabilities of GPT-4. This delay reflects OpenAI's focus on quality, aiming to achieve significant advancements in memory and reasoning. The model's training involves 52 trillion parameters, highlighting a substantial leap in AI development​.

This entrepreneur developed a system that sells hats for him directly from his New York City window.

Waymo One now allows anyone in San Francisco to hail a ride with its autonomous vehicles. The company is scaling up operations after offering tens of thousands of trips weekly. Its all-electric fleet supports the local economy and its sustainability goals. Citing enhanced safety, Waymo says its vehicles are involved in significantly fewer crashes compared to human drivers.


Netflix's encoding team has enabled the company to deliver better-looking streams over slower connections and has resulted in 50 percent bandwidth savings for 4K streams. It has contributed to industry-wide efforts, including developing the AV1 video codec and its eventual successor. The company is starting to move into more live streaming, which will necessitate a completely different encoding pipeline than what it uses for VOD. Its encoding team will have to basically start all over to develop encoding that achieves the same bandwidth requirements as VOD but in a faster, real-time way.

llama.ttf is a font file, large language model, and inference engine for that model. Harfbuzz, a font shaping engine, has a Wasm shaper that allows arbitrary code to be used to shape text. This code can be anything - so llama.ttf uses an entire LLM inference engine with trained parameters bundled inside. The result is a font that can generate text locally in any Wasm-enabled Harfbuzz-based application. A video demonstration is available.

Anecdotes and advice from developers about performing decent sized software migrations.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Spiral

    Automate 80% of repeat writing, thinking, and creative tasks, while maintaining your unique voice and style.

  2. Astrocade AI

    The first platform that makes building games and interactive experiences easy enough for creators to share their ideas in minutes.

  3. Thryve

    An AI-powered companion for emotional and wellbeing support across 50 languages.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. EvolutionaryScale

    EvolutionaryScale raises a $140M Seed — AI models for proteins.

  2. Etched

    Etched raises a $120M Series A — AI chip for transformer models.

  3. Norm

    Norm AI raises a $27M Series A — AI agents for compliance teams.


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Cybersecurity for all

Prompt: Craft a detailed proposal emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity. Pitch this proposal to a [insert company here, for ex: hospital chain], highlighting the immense benefits of ensuring patient data security, and pinpointing the risks like [data breaches, patient privacy, and legal implications] that they might face without these services.

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