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  • OpenAI's new model 👀, White house bet on semiconductors 💻, Waymo's Robotaxis update 🚕

OpenAI's new model 👀, White house bet on semiconductors 💻, Waymo's Robotaxis update 🚕

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Zero To Mastery has helped over 1,000,000 people master new skills and advanced their career. Now, they’ve released their hotly anticipated AI courses including:

  • Prompt Engineering Bootcamp

  • Building AI Apps with OpenAP API and Gemini API

  • Introduction to ChatGPT: A Practical Guide …And more!

With their brand new "Become an AI Developer" Career Path they'll take you step-by-step from beginner to AI Developer (with an average salary of $137,259 per year). Zero To Mastery graduates have gotten hired at companies like Tesla, Google and Microsoft. It’s time to add AI skills to your resume!



OpenAI is releasing a new flagship generative AI model called GPT-4o, set to roll out “iteratively” across the company’s developer and consumer-facing products over the next few weeks.

The Biden administration announced Monday that Polar Semiconductor will receive up to $120 million in federal funds to expand its chip manufacturing facility in Minnesota. The funding stems from the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, which Biden signed into law in August 2022 to strengthen the U.S. supply of semiconductors.


Programmers hate deleting things; we’ve all felt that feeling in the pit our stomach when we realise that thing we deleted was really deleted, and on the other hand the security of deleting some unused code, safe in the knowledge that it’s still really there in version control. In the sphere of databases, this terror of deleting things leads people to advocate soft deletion: instead of really deleting a record, you add a field which marks the record as deleted, and you treat any record marked in that way as if it were deleted.

Through my years of building services, the RESTful API has been my primary go-to. However, even though REST has its merits, that doesn’t mean it’s the best approach for every use case. Over the years, I’ve learned that, occasionally, there might be better alternatives for certain scenarios. Sticking with REST just because I’m passionate about it—when it’s not the right fit—only results in tech debt and a strained relationship with the product owner.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. NewCult

    SaaS toolkit that comes with an AI Co-founder.

  2. PeopleCQ

    Leverage cutting edge AI to: Simplify JD creation, build your hiring presence, assess top candidates, and seamlessly identify your perfect hire.

  3. MockMyMockup

    Deploy accurate AI-assisted data analysis with Defog's all-in-one platform. 


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Prefer simplicity, design for extensibility, and stay true to your project's pillars.

Waymo has had over one million rider-only trips across four cities.

The value of data comes from the value of what can be done with it - every discussion of price has to begin with understanding how the data will be used and by whom.


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Check out who’s hiring

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

    🏢 FullStack Labs

    💵 $70K - $150K

    📍 Latin America

  2. NLP Engineer

    🏢 Capital

    💵 $150K - $200K

    📍 NY, USA

  3. Data Product Manager

    🏢 Trainline

    💵 $145K - $220K

    📍 UK

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