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OpenAI's secret instructions 👀, TikTok sues US gov 🏦, Cyber defence with AI 🤖

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Ever wonder why conversational AI like ChatGPT says “Sorry, I can’t do that” or some other polite refusal? OpenAI is offering a limited look at the reasoning behind its own models’ rules of engagement, whether it’s sticking to brand guidelines or declining to make NSFW content.

Generative AI has become a double-edged sword for the security of connected networks. On one hand, generative AI can speed up cybersecurity problems, making it easier and cheaper for bad actors to conduct identity attacks. For example, it can be used to design sophisticated phishing campaigns by generating audio, images, or videos to create fake identities.


Deniable encryption is a concept where messages are encrypted in such a way that using a different key would reveal a different message. Theoretically, it allows people to reveal their keys without spilling their secrets. This blog post proposes a method for building a deniable encryption scheme that allows multiple passwords and messages. The full code for the method is provided.

Token-based authentication is when a user is authenticated by presenting a digitally signed token instead of entering a password. It's a common alternative to session-based authentication. JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are a popular implementation of token-based authentication as they have a self-contained structure that includes user data and a signature for integrity verification. This article provides code implementations for both generic token-based authentication and JWTs.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. CreateLogo

    Beautiful, high-quality logos in seconds. No design skills needed.

  2. ChatLLM

    A Chrome browser extension that helps generate content, ask questions, and summarize page for you.

  3. Cheeta

    The fast AI widget to improve your day-to-day communication.


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Featuring an AI model based on GPT4 that operates in a completely isolated, air-gapped cloud environment.

TikTok calls the US government’s decision to ban or force the sale of the app ‘unconstitutional.

At least 20 vehicle crashes occurred after Tesla recalled 2 million vehicles with Autopilot.


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  1. Director, Generative AI Platform

    🏢 Capital One

    💵 $180K

    📍 USA

  2. Product Manager

    🏢 Google

    💵 $220K - $300K

    📍 NY, USA

  3. Senior Python Engineer

    🏢 Hello Fresh

    💵 $145K - $220K

    📍 UK


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