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OpenAI search engine rumour 🤖, Tesla in-car voice assistant 🚗, X introduces 'Stories' ✍️

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Reports indicate that OpenAI is looking to launch a search engine soon. OpenAI's in-house event on May 9 may focus on its release, although the event times and date may be subject to change. Google has scheduled its annual developer conference for May 14 - OpenAI's event may be a strategy to upstage Google before the search giant makes its AI announcements. This article presents the evidence for OpenAI's search plans.

Tesla's latest software update includes hidden code that suggests that the company is preparing for the launch of its voice assistant. Little is known about the new Tesla voice assistant, but Elon Musk has previously said that he wants Tesla drivers to be able to do everything in the car with no manual input. The software update also introduces a native Audible app.

This is how Gemini works on desktop. When you ask the chatbot a question, Gemini answers as it's "typing" out the question. But currently, Android users have to wait for the fully processed response to publish. The response only takes a few seconds, but a faster perceived experience on mobile can be achieved by showing the response progressively, particularly for lengthy text.


Relational algebra can easily be represented as trees as formulas are already structurally rooted trees where each operator has its inputs as children. Things get more complicated when introducing non-tree structures, like some kind of self-join. This can be resolved using inlining (simply duplicating the expression you want to reference twice) or let binding. Common methods to open up unrestricted access to represent graphs containing cycles in programs include self-referencing, using a fix point operator, and explicitly listing edges.

On a high level, Barrier-to-Exit measures how much effort users must expend to signal that their preferences have changed (Rakova & Chowdhury, 2019). It is defined in terms of how quickly users’ revealed preferences for a specific category change between interaction thresholds. In this section, we will motivate the intuition for Barrier-to-Exit as well as formalise the concept within the context of Amazon’s recommender system.


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  2. Flint - Therapy Chatbot

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Tesla has cut Summer internships, leaving those impacted in a tough position as it may be difficult to find something comparable.

The actual issues with the r1 are obvious: it doesn’t have enough app integrations, and it “could just be an app.”

It is extremely difficult to write reasonably correct patches for PostgreSQL.


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