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Runway launches new model Gen-3 Alpha πŸš—

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  • Introducing Gen-3 Alpha - Generating video clips from text descriptions

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Runway has launched Gen-3 Alpha, an advanced video generation model, offering enhanced fidelity, consistency, and motion. It supports Text to Video, Image to Video, and Text to Image tools, enabling precise control over video creation.


  • Model Launch: Runway introduces Gen-3 Alpha, the latest in their video generation models.

  • Features: Improved video fidelity, consistency, motion, and photorealistic human generation.

  • Capabilities: Supports Text to Video, Image to Video, and Text to Image tools, with new control modes for detailed scene crafting.

  • Industry Applications: Custom models for entertainment and media organizations.

  • Safeguards: Includes visual moderation and provenance standards.

What We Think

Gen-3 Alpha represents a significant leap in AI-driven video generation, enhancing creative possibilities for content creators and industries. Its ability to produce high-quality, controllable video content marks a pivotal advancement in the field. As AI-generated media becomes more prevalent, maintaining robust ethical standards and safeguards will be crucial to its responsible use.


Amazon has hired most of Adept's team, another aspiring OpenAI competitor, and licensed its technology, following a pattern that mirrors Microsoft's acquisition approach with Inflection. This move reflects a trend where big tech companies absorb AI talent and innovations without formal acquisitions to navigate antitrust scrutiny. Such strategies may become commonplace as the AI industry faces consolidation and high development costs.

Intel has presented the industry's first fully integrated optical compute interconnect (OCI) chiplet designed to significantly boost high-bandwidth data interconnect performance. Essential for growing AI demands, the milestone represents a step forward in silicon photonics, combining integrated circuits with lasers to enhance data transfer rates and support AI infrastructure scaling. The OCI chiplet aims to overcome the limitations of current electrical I/O interconnects by enabling higher bandwidth and longer-distance data transmission.

A hacker gained access to OpenAI's internal messaging systems early last year. They accessed details from discussions in an internal online forum but did not get into the systems where the company houses and builds its artificial intelligence. Details of the incident were revealed to employees in April 2023. Executives decided not to share the news publicly because no information about customers or partners was stolen. It is believed that the hacker was a private individual with no known ties to a foreign government. OpenAI did not inform the FBI or anyone else in law enforcement about the incident.


Andrej Karpathy announced a new course that guides learners in building a Storyteller AI Large Language Model from scratch. It covers the fundamentals of web app implementation using Python, C, and CUDA. The content spans language modeling, deep learning frameworks, and AI deployment including multimodal applications.

0x.tools is a set of utilities for analyzing application performance on Linux. It allows users to measure individual thread level activity and drill down into the CPU usage of any thread or the system as a whole. 0x.tools enables users to be systematic in their troubleshooting. Some of the tools work on over-decade-old Linux kernels.

This article discusses the latest advancements in AI research, focusing on multimodal agents that integrate various data types, the rise of open-source large language models (LLMs), and their implications for the future of AI development. It highlights the potential of these technologies to transform industries by enhancing capabilities in natural language processing, image recognition, and more. The piece also emphasizes the importance of community-driven open-source projects in accelerating innovation and collaboration in AI.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Scoopika

    An open-source developer platform to build personalized AI agents that can see, talk, listen, and more.

  2. AI Term

    An AI assistant that helps developers and command-line users directly within their terminal via natural language.

  3. Jellypod

    Convert your emails and newsletters into a personal podcast.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Sentient

    Sentient raises a $85M Seed β€” Decentralized AI development.

  2. Prodia

    Prodia raises a $15M Seed β€” Decentralized AI inference API.

  3. Bitmagic

    Bitmagic raises a $4M Seed β€” Text-to-game platform.



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