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💡 Sam Altman Speaks on GPT-5

Plus: Amazon's AI Breakthrough

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Sam Altman shins some more light on the much awaited GPT-5!

The Breakdown

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🚨 Latest Developments 

Source: The Hill

Big Takeaway: At the World Government Summit, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said GPT 5 will be "better at everything across the board" than GPT 4.

  • Altman described GPT 5 as smarter, faster, and more multimodal, hinting that it will accept more types of input in the future. Maybe we will see speech-to-text!

  • He emphasized the model's “broad applicability,” noting that it offers improvements across a wide range of tasks rather than specializing in one.

  • OpenAI has not confirmed any details, people are speculating GPT 5 could be named "Gobi" and might launch in spring 2024, even though no specific timeline has been confirmed.

Source: SellerPlex

Big Takeaway: Amazon researchers have developed the largest text-to-speech model on the market, named BASE TTS (Big Adaptive Streamable TTS with Emergent abilities). (That was a mouthful.)

  • The discovery shows that, like large language models (LLMs), text-to-speech models gain significantly in performance and adaptability once they reach a certain size.

  • The study investigated different model sizes (980M, 400M, and 150M parameters) to determine at what scale emergent behaviors occur, and discovered a significant increase in capabilities in the medium-sized 400 million model.

  • BASE TTS aims to advance Amazon's AGI goals. It trained its largest version with 980 million parameters using 100,000 hours of public speech in English, German, Dutch, and Spanish.

🔎 Extra Insights 

Some people are pursuing romantic relationships with AI chatbots that mimic human conversation. Apps like Replika and Paradot market themselves as providing companionship and emotional support to lonely users. But researchers raise concerns about data privacy, unrealistic expectations, and potential detriments to human relationships.

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Singapore startup Ultiverse, an AI-powered platform for crypto game production, raised $4M led by IDG Capital. Ultiverse adapts large language models like GPT-4 to train in-game NPCs for unique player interactions.

The University of Pennsylvania has introduced a new Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence, the first such program by an Ivy League institution, with coursework covering machine learning, computing algorithms, data analytics, and advanced robotics.

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