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Plus: Tesla's Robotaxi

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Hey Edge Family, good morning! Spotify is trying to make your music experience as easy as possible with their latest AI playlists.

The Breakdown

🚨 Latest Developments 

Source: Spotify

Big Takeaway: Spotify introduces AI playlists in beta; they allow users to generate playlists using just written prompts.

  • Spotify’s AI can create custom playlists from a variety of prompts, for example, "songs to serenade my cat" or "beats to battle a zombie apocalypse."

  • Spotify utilizes large language models (LLMs) and its own personalization technology, informed by users' listening histories and preferences, to customize the playlists.

  • This launch is part of Spotify's ongoing investment in AI technology, following the global expansion of the AI DJ feature that uses a combination of Sonantic and OpenAI technology.

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Source: Reuters

Big Takeaway: Elon Musk announced on X that Tesla will unveil its eagerly anticipated Robotaxi on August 8th, based on Tesla's next-generation vehicle platform. (Link here)

  • The reveal supports reports that Tesla canceled plans for their more affordable EV that was meant to be priced around $25,000, focusing instead on developing the autonomous robotaxi.

  • Musk has previously suggested Tesla owners could earn money by adding their vehicles to the Tesla Network, allowing the cars to operate autonomously to transport passengers.

  • Musk's ambitious vision includes over a million Tesla cars on the road with Full Self-Driving hardware, claiming in 2019 that the technology would allow drivers to "go to sleep."

🔎 Extra Insights 

Former Apple chief design officer Jony Ive and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman have partnered on an unnamed startup developing a mysterious AI device, (not a smartphone). They are now seeking to raise up to $1 billion in funding from venture capitalists and firms to bring the product to market.

Meta announced that starting in May 2024, content generated by AI on its platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, will be labeled "Made with AI." This includes AI-generated videos, audio, and images detected through industry signals or user disclosure.

Despite legal worries, OpenAI created their Whisper audio transcription model to transcribe over a million hours of YouTube videos for GPT-4 training, which OpenAI deemed fair use. According to reports, OpenAI and Google have exhausted traditional data sources and are instead using public and copyrighted assets such as YouTube videos, podcasts, and audiobooks to train their models.

💎 3 Top AI Tools

AIxBlock: All-in-one on-chain platform for AI projects

Code Rabbit: Cut code review time and bugs in half

Delfiny: AI marketing assistant for your digital ads

💻 Real Life Use Cases

Chat GPT Prompt: Optimize LinkedIn profile

Use ChatGPT to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Copy and paste the prompt below:
A compelling LinkedIn profile is crucial for job seekers in any industry. How can I optimize my profile to attract attention for roles related to [topic]? What key elements should I focus on, such as the headline, summary, experience, skills, and endorsements, to showcase my expertise in [industry]?
Here’s a link to the results:

💼 Who’s Hiring in AI

Job Title


Salary Range


Marketing Lead

Sahara AI



Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Invisible AI



Product Manager

Arize AI



🎲 AI Game

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Source: DeepView

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