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Tesla investors sue Elon Musk 🚫

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Elon Musk faces a lawsuit from Tesla shareholders accusing him of diverting company resources to his new AI venture, xAI, potentially breaching his fiduciary duty. This legal battle adds to Musk’s existing challenges with regulatory bodies and Tesla’s struggling stock performance.

Important Points

  • Shareholder Lawsuit: Tesla shareholders have filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk, accusing him of prioritizing his new AI startup, xAI, over Tesla by redirecting Nvidia H100 GPUs originally intended for Tesla to xAI​.

  • Resource Diversion: The lawsuit claims Musk’s decision to allocate resources to xAI instead of Tesla breaches his fiduciary duty, potentially harming Tesla’s business and stock performance.

  • Existing Challenges: This legal issue adds to Musk’s existing regulatory and financial challenges, including ongoing SEC investigations and a significant decline in Tesla’s stock price.

What we think

Elon Musk’s decision to divert resources from Tesla to xAI raises significant concerns about his commitment to Tesla and his fiduciary responsibilities. This move could damage investor confidence, especially given Tesla’s recent financial struggles and stock performance issues. For startup founders and CTOs, this situation underscores the importance of clear resource allocation and maintaining trust with shareholders.


Aschenbrenner worked on OpenAI's superalignment team, which was tasked with mitigating AI risks. Aschenbrenner said OpenAI fired him for leaking information about the company's readiness for artificial general intelligence.

Good news for call center operators who are worn down by hostile customers with unreasonable demands—artificial intelligence technology can alter angry voices into calm ones. This should alleviate the tremendous stress of customer interaction on call operators—if AI has not completely replaced their jobs by then. SoftBank Corp. announced that it has developed voice-altering technology to protect employees from customer harassment.

YouTube is implementing a new ad-serving infrastructure dubbed "Next Generation of Serving" (NGS) which will embed ads directly into videos at the server level, making them virtually impossible to block using traditional ad-blocking methods. This change aims to ensure ad delivery consistency across devices and platforms, potentially improving revenue for content creators while raising concerns among users about ad visibility and privacy implications.


The Hacker Noon article explores the challenge of distinguishing authenticity in a world increasingly dominated by AI-generated content and interactions. It argues that while AI offers efficiency and creativity, it also raises concerns about authenticity and human connection, prompting a need for ethical guidelines and awareness to maintain genuine human interactions amidst technological advancements.

Google's DeepMind has open-sourced its differentiable fusion tokamak simulator written in Python-Jax. The simulator has strong auto-diff capabilities and covers a number of extremely powerful PDEs.

Meta is upgrading its global data centers to support AI demands. It is planning to scale to 600,000 GPUs for AI training jobs. This involves innovative maintenance strategies and tools like OpsPlanner to ensure minimal disruptions and consistent performance while enabling rapid infrastructure scaling.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Reppls

    Interview all your applicants and find right talents hidden behind uninformative and vague CVs.

  2. Swift AI Writer

    Revolutionize your writing with AI effortlessly craft fiction, non-fiction, storybooks and quotes. Enhance creativity, streamline the process, and bring ideas to life.

  3. Quanty

    Discover AI-powered insights on crypto and stocks news, using knowledge graphs and advanced algorithms for deep market understanding via GraphQL API.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. GPTZero

    GPTZero raises a $10M Series A — AI detector for ChatGPT, LLMs.

  2. Cruise

    Cruise raises a $850M Round — Autonomous taxis.

  3. Zeta Labs

    Zeta Labs raises a $2.9M Pre-Seed — AI agent for web browsing.


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