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The AI agent that controls your computer independently 💻

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Former Meta engineers have launched Jace, an AI agent capable of autonomously performing web-based tasks without user guidance. The startup, Zeta Labs, has secured $2.9 million in pre-seed funding to enhance Jace's capabilities, aiming to automate repetitive tasks for both consumers and small businesses.


  • Launch: Jace is an AI agent launched by Zeta Labs, a startup founded by ex-Meta engineers Fryderyk Wiatrowski and Peter Albert.

  • Functionality: Jace can autonomously execute tasks within a browser, such as booking hotels, managing inventory, and running ad campaigns, by following user instructions.

  • Funding: The company has raised $2.9 million in a pre-seed round, led by notable investors like Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman.

  • Technology: Jace uses a combination of a language model and Zeta Labs’ proprietary Autonomous Web Agent-1 model to interact with web interfaces and execute complex tasks.

  • Development Goals: The funds will be used to improve Jace’s capabilities, especially for handling longer and more complex tasks, and to hire additional talent.

  • Monetization: Zeta Labs plans to offer a free tier with a paid subscription model ($45/month) for extended use, targeting small businesses and consumers.

What we think

Jace represents a significant leap in AI automation, potentially transforming how repetitive online tasks are managed. This innovation could save substantial time for businesses and individuals by automating mundane operations. The successful funding round underscores the market’s confidence in the potential of such autonomous AI agents to streamline workflows and increase productivity.


Researchers from the University of Glasgow argue that the inaccuracies produced by ChatGPT should be considered "soft bullshit" rather than hallucinations. This distinction highlights the AI's indifference to the truth, focusing on generating plausible text over factual accuracy. Such terminology promotes a clearer understanding of AI limitations and improves scientific communication in the field.

DeepMind has unveiled a new AI capable of generating soundtracks and dialog for videos, marking a significant advancement in AI-driven content creation. This technology aims to streamline video production by automating audio generation, potentially transforming industries reliant on multimedia content. The AI leverages DeepMind's sophisticated models to produce high-quality, contextually appropriate audio, making it a powerful tool for developers and creators.

Amazon's AI-equipped CCTV cameras are being tested on UK trains to monitor passenger emotions and detect security threats. The technology aims to enhance safety by identifying suspicious behavior, preventing bike thefts, and spotting trespassers. This deployment raises concerns about privacy and the ethical implications of constant surveillance in public spaces.


Anthropic has introduced the Beta Steering API, allowing developers to control and customize large language models' (LLMs) behavior by modifying their internal functions. This API provides access to a subset of Claude's features, sample code, and documentation, aiming to influence model outputs more precisely. While still in the research phase, this tool offers a glimpse into the future of LLMs, emphasizing control and interpretability for enhanced AI application development.

LARS is an application that enables you to run LLMs locally on your device. Upload your own documents and engage in conversations where the LLM grounds its responses with your uploaded content.

Researchers have proposed a method to simplify transformer blocks by eliminating non-essential components, achieving 15% faster training and a 15% reduction in parameters without sacrificing performance. This approach involves removing elements such as skip connections, projection parameters, and normalization layers, which streamlines the architecture and improves efficiency. These findings can significantly reduce the costs and resources associated with training and deploying large transformer models.


Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Redact AI

    RedactAI assists you in creating high-quality LinkedIn posts in just a few clicks.

  2. Fintwit

    Join thousands of investors who are using our AI powered stock analysis and recommendations to make smarter investment decisions.

  3. HeyShort

    Instantly convert your texts or social posts into impactful short videos and amplify your reach on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.


Discover startups who just raised funds

  1. Constructor

    Constructor raises a $25M Series B — Search engine for e-commerce.

  2. Omi

    Omi raises a $14M Seed — AI to generate 3D visual assets.

  3. Aim Security

    Aim Security raises a $18M Series A — Security for Gen AI.


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